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    Civilico is focused on providing the highest professional standards in the civil engineering market

    with emphasis on building strong, honest and long lasting relationships with satisfied customers. We have established an unrivalled reputation for delivering complex and challenging civil engineering projects that have played a significant role in shaping the infrastructure of the modern world. We have the financial backing to deliver projects through a range of contractual agreements from ECI (early contractor involvement), PPP (private, public, partnership) through to traditional forms of contract. With a large directly employed work force based across our international network of offices, Civilico is ideally placed to deal with any civil engineering requirements on any scale. Our vision is simply to be everyone’s preferred civil engineering company, with contemporary views and a sustainable future.

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    'Simply to be everyone’s preferred civil engineering company with contemporary views and a sustainable future.'

    This is the driving force behind everything that we do and is encapsulated in our vision statement. It is the Civilico culture. Our values and our commitments set us apart from our competitors.

    Our vision sums up how we wish to be considered by our customers. We want to be chosen not only because of the innovative solution that we provide but also because we have gone that little bit further in terms of reducing our impact on the environment or our desire to demonstrate best practice in safe working on site.

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  • Civilico Training


    Civilico is a leading provider of training.

    We offer courses to both internal and external candidates. Internally we have a variety of programs designed to equip our people with the skills required to provide a world class service to our customers whilst externally we can offer a comprehensive range of rail specific training courses as well as vocational training aimed at our supply chain.

    Land Surveying

    • Boundary surveys
    • Construction staking
    • Land ownership maps
    • Mortgage surveys
    • Topographic surveys
    • Trimble Geomatics Office V1.62
    • Tripod Data System
    • Active Sync

    Construction Services

    • Construction management
    • Construction inspection and testing
    • Concrete testing (ACI Certified)
    • Compliance testing of soils & materials
    • Compaction testing
    • Non-destructive testing
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    A career with Civilico is not like any other career!

    We like to give our people as much freedom and involvement in all aspects of a project at the earliest stage. From day one you will be working with our experienced team and will be expected to make an instant contribution to the running of our multi-million dollars projects. At Civilico, your skills and knowledge will be tested to the limit but there will always be back-up and support for you when you need it.

    Civilico is one of the largest Civil Engineering companies in the world.

    Our engineers work on some of the world’s most challenging civil engineering projects. We are a dynamic and growing company that offers a vibrant environment in which to work, and we are committed to developing and rewarding excellence in the individuals and teams who work for us.

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    FISHER, ACT, 2611

    Telephone: 800 (CIVILICO)
    E-mail: info@civilico.com

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    E-mail: info@demolink.org

  • Civilico Quality


    For Civilico quality in all areas of our business comes at the top of our list of essentials.

    You’ll find our program of continuous improvement ensures that every member of our team operates in line with current legislation and regulations and works with quality and performance objectives in mind. Safety is a primary driver – not only for the contractors in our team, but also for everyone on the site. Every project is focused on delivering the highest possible quality of work and services to our customers – on time, right the first time and at a competitive price. ALL our site operatives have appropriate site CSCS and CPCS qualifications and the organization is a member of NFDC. In addition to our own internal quality audits, we have been accredited by ConstructionLine, CHAS and Exor, as well as achieving ISO9000 and 14001. What this means to our customer is that they can count on a top quality service day in, day out.

  • Sustainability


    Civilico is totally committed to reducing the impact of our activities on our planet and in operating in the safest way possible.

    In this regard we have devised our own Carbon Calculator to measure carbon emissions with a view to driving these down. We are embarking on our long term vision of achieving Beyond Zero environmental and safety incidents and in offering health advice and regular check-ups to all our employees.

    Our commitment to the environment and sustainable business is further demonstrated by the publication of our first yearly sustainability report. We fully intend to monitor our performance against a raft of exacting criteria and report on an annual basis the progress we have made.

    Community obligations are taken very seriously indeed. For the duration of a project we effectively become part of the community and as a matter of course we meet with local groups and interact with schools and community centers.

    Our projects are independently audited through the Considerate Constructors Scheme for which we are an Associate Member.

  • Analysis


    In the assessment phase of the design process we help you determine your technical and end-user needs as well as clearly identify both your project objectives and constraints.

    At this stage of the project it is essential that our designers visit the field to spend time with your end-users, observing their lives and conducting interviews. Following our initial field research we evaluate existing technology solutions and explore a wide range of new concepts with the goal of proposing the technical approach most likely to accomplish your goals. Finally, we help you evaluate the root-causes of the problem you are working to address as well as assist you in selecting the best possible next-step to ensure your success.

  • Design and Development


    Design and Development focuses on product/technology research and development.

    Civilico employs a creative approach to product development that begins with product concept generation and evaluation based upon our findings in the Needs Assessment Phase. After working with you to select the most promising design concept(s) we proceed to prototyping and testing – this stage is iterative: we build, test, and build again based upon what we have learned. This cycle repeats until a viable design is produced and we can then move on to design documentation before finally delivering the end product to you.

  • Implementation


    Implementation is often the most challenging stage of any developing world technology initiative

    how do we get the product to the people who need it? how do we then get the people to purchase it? to use it? to build businesses around it? Civilico can help you with these considerations and many more. From establishing manufacturing processes to implementing distribution chains and developing culture-specific marketing strategies, our experience in bringing products to market in emerging economies will prove instrumental in ensuring the success of both your product and your mission.

  • Evaluation


    How do you prove that your product performs as you believe it does?

    Evaluating real impact is a vital and yet often overlooked part of any product introduction. This unique Civilico service offering emphasizes strategies for defining, collecting, and analyzing environmental, social, and/or economic data for use in evaluating the efficacy of a product. We work with you to define appropriate metrics that will prove how effective, and valuable, your product is. This data frequently proves instrumental in efforts to improve your product, secure additional funding, and to establish your design as a proven and recognized success.

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